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Hi, I'm Jo Sermon and I've been competing in Agility since the late 80's. After teaching at various clubs and schools I eventually began travelling to give seminars and teach at Agility camps, mainly in the USA, where a great part of the attraction is the wide variety of breeds to be found competing. I have also taught as far afield as Japan and Australia and all across Europe. What continues to fascinate me is motivation, how to get them to WANT to do what we do.

Training is a continuously evolving process and I'm always on the lookout for good ideas, new ways of training or a different perspective. I enjoy spending time discussing ideas and debating training with like-minded people.

In my travels I have found that many handlers feel isolated as they struggle to train with positive methods; from that the idea of a website devoted to dog Agility training using positive methods arose. The aim of the members' area is to create a place where people can freely debate methods of training and ideas, without having to justify why they don't want to spend their time correcting their dogs.

I hope that whether or not you decide to join as a member, you enjoy the site. For all enquiries about this website and membership, please email us using our contact form

J, K & A Agility’

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